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There is a new way to set tables
and we’ll give you four free to prove it!

We are excited to introduce the new way to set your table. The Smart Silverware Guard. Your staff will never do another rollup. It’s easy. Set your table with a napkin and silverware, then just place the guard over them. It will keep utensils free from germs, bugs, pollen and people. You can promote your brand, add a decorative look to your tables, and have the option of interacting with your customers using the QR code to show specials, upcoming music and local events.

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You spend hours figuring how to save pennies on your food cost. Minimum wage is going up; finding good workers is getting harder; this is an easy way for the average 100 seat restaurant to save $5,500 per year. Calculate how much you’ll save

Old Way
Roll, roll, roll

Cost - 5 cents per rollup in labor
Unsanitary - 35 fingerprints on the napkin
And who knows the last time they washed
   their hands
Your staff hates doing it
No chance of brand development
Best result - silverware with a slightly
   used napkin

New Way
Set & cover with the Silverware Guard

No more rollups - manage your labor and save $
Health code compliant
Promote your brand
Interact with your customers
Decorative options - change with the seasons
Customer perception - you really care
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